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Peter de Kretser

I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working collaboratively with ‘the man’ for many years; an enriching and rewarding experience always.  Most recently, he designed and conducted a dynamic and thought-provoking corporate leadership & culture workshop for all my colleagues at GO Communications.


Andreas made the time and effort to inspire us and most importantly produced a tailor-made session that was results orientated and of tremendous value to each one of us.


I could wax lyrical for pages about accomplishments and achievements over the years but let’s face it, there’s far too much of that. 


For me, its Andreas the person that captivates with intensity, engages with honesty and is always there to help everyone! 


He is a stellar marketing man and someone I’m proud to shout from the rooftops as a ‘CHAMPION’ in every sense of the word! 


He’s got my vote and my highest recommendation!

Peter Da.jpg

Peter de Kretser

Chief Executive Officer

GO Communications


Steven Yong

When I entrusted AMV+ in early 2021 to help my team develop the skills needed & upscale, I had no doubt that Andreas would be the right choice of trainer and mentor. 


He coached my team to become more cohesive and develop better leadership and self-awareness skills.


I am personally grateful for his time and patience in guiding everyone with his experience!


No words can describe how awesome that training day was, and how it has positively changed my team. 


I highly recommend AMV+ if you want to bring forth change with a positive impact and results. 


Andreas is a catalyst!


Steven Yong

Founder / CEO

WhatAdver Media

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Surin Raj

We engaged AMV+ to run our first ever training session for our newly founded team.  One thing that was lacking within the team was communication, teamwork, and culture. I was under the assumption that it would take multiple sessions to accomplish.


I must say, AMV+ designed a special day for us, with the training modules created to perfection.  Everyone was engaged, the shy and quiet ones spoke up, which truly surprised me, and I ended learning so much about my team that would not have surfaced if this session had not taken place.


What I really enjoyed about this session was, how each and every one walked away with actionable goals and commitment to do better personally and professionally.  Andreas is truly a people person, an amazing listener, and he has a very rare ability to empathize on a fundamental level and focus on delivering results.


If you are a strong believer in investing in potential, AMV+ is the right company to help you unlock it.

surin 1.jpg

Surin Raj

Managing Director / Co-Founder

Voxel Asia


Prof Harmandar Singh

Andreas is the always consummate professional and highly sought-after speaker in our industry.


He has been a tireless trainer in many conferences in Malaysia and across the region.


With a proven legacy in the media landscape, Andreas is the shining light for many in the industry and among countless students who have been inspired by him.


Prof Harmandar Singh

Regional CEO

Sledgehammer Communications


Dr Victoria Little

Quite simply, Andreas is a treasure. For a more than a decade Monash's senior marketing students' learning has been enhanced by Andreas' wisdom and experience.


Each semester our marketing capstone students grapple with a real-life marketing problem. We take a brief from an industry client, and spend the semester doing market research, directed at developing desirable, feasible and viable solutions for business growth.


The students build towards a competitive pitch to a panel of industry experts - our industry 'dragons'.  As a long serving dragon panel member, Andreas has fielded many pitches based on services and products, for profit and not for profit businesses.


We have all benefited from his thoughtful, constructive and relevant feedback, as he draws on his broad business experience, and considerable talents as a mentor and supporter of young people. The students love him, and we can't thank Andreas enough.


His input has been instrumental in course development, and in supporting the brightest and best in their next steps towards the business world.


Dr Victoria Little

Senior Lecturer - Department of Marketing

School of Business
Monash University Malaysia 

anirban ganguly.jpg

Anirban Ganguly

Friend, colleague, reporting manager, philosopher, and most importantly as a mentor, are the many avatars in which I have been fortunate enough to know Andreas for over a decade.


The ability to provide clarity and simplify the complex be it business or life decisions is what makes him a remarkable human being. 


Andreas is filled with joie de vivre, which is infectious to boot.

anirban ganguly.jpg

Anirban Ganguly

ex-Strategy & Transformation

CEO Office

Digi Telecommunications

Sr. AVP & Head of Content Strategy and Innovation, Astro


KarFei Cheah

Andreas' business acumen and leadership skills are probably well known.


What makes him different and impactful is his coaching skills that helped me to breakthrough when times are tough.


My conversations with Andreas has been powerful and he consistently able to get me to see through challenges and improve myself.

Kar Fei Cheah.png

Kar Fei Cheah

Life Redesigned, Founder

Official Member of Forbes Coaches Council.


Bryan Tan

I was introduced to Andreas through my post-graduate mentoring program in 2016, where it focused on personal and career development. At that moment, I was at a crossroad dealing with uncertainty in my career and personal life. I experienced fear and struggle to figure out what I want in life. 


Andreas coached me in finding my directions and developed a clear working plan for my career and life. He was able to guide me towards understanding my personal beliefs and how I could conquer my fear to move forward.


He empowered me to gain confidence and realization on the opportunities that I could take from that situation. 


Andreas is a good listener, patient and always full of energy. I am always energized and happy talking to him.


To this day, I am thankful for this experience where his coaching sessions provided me with clarity, confidence and focus towards achieving where I am today.


Bryan Tan

Head of Application Landscape Management

Hilti Asia IT Services

Andrew Martin.jpg

Andrew Martin

First, Andreas brings a wealth of real-world experience to his mentoring.  Next he took a lot of time to understand the people he is mentoring and what the executives were hoping to achieve from his sessions.  Further he found a way to accommodate our budgets yet still ensure he delivered significant value from his sessions.


I met Andreas via LinkedIn but turned a virtual connection into a face-to-face meeting and I am so glad that we made that happen. It resulted in securing Andreas's services to create a mentor course for our young management team. 


But beyond all of this is his passion to help. It's clear that he is driven to help and guide those he mentors.


The real mark of his value to us as a business was his ability to gain enough trust from our management team to have them open up and identify real pain points that had previously gone undiscussed.


I fully recommend Andreas to anyone considering a corporate mentor for themselves or their teams.

Andrew Martin2.jpg

Andrew Martin

Group Publisher

Asia Online Publishing Group

jimmy how2.jpg

Jimmy How

Andreas was a tremendous help to our organisation in helping us frame our vision, mission and purpose and create a framework to help us rally our management teams around the vision.


I would highly recommend Andreas for any fast growing company that is looking to make that transition from scrappy startup to a well oiled organisation. "

jimmy how.jpg

Jimmy How



Malek Ali.jpg

Malek Ali

I first met Andreas in 2008 when I was presenting the fledgling credentials of newly launched BFM Radio to him when he was leading the Omnicom Media Group in Kuala Lumpur.

In a sea of naysayers among media agency professionals, Andreas stood out as a rare beacon of encouragement. It did not take him long to believe in what BFM Radio stood for, and in me.

I have since seen Andreas, time and time again, support and encourage other media entrepreneurs, fellow media professionals and even interns who impressed him, generously lending his Rolodex to give them a cherished leg-up.


We have since developed a wonderful friendship. Andreas' positivity, receptivity to new ideas and enthusiasm, is infectious, making encounters with him something I always look forward to.

Malek Ali.jpg

Malek Ali


BFM 89.9



Over a decade ago, I chanced upon Andreas at an industry meet when he was helming the Omnicom Media Group. He was devoting his time to evolving the media advisory industry and fuelling the growth of global and Malaysian brands as well.


It was his modest and engaging nature that inspired my request to Chair the annual BFM Brandfest, Malaysia’s most informative annual brand marketing forum. In hindsight, and over the years, it was apparent that none in my address book could equal his passion-fuelled dedication to the annual forum. 


From the get-go since, Andreas had always connected with over 400 delegates with an infectious energy and engaging style that assured their undivided and consistent attention to the programme, while being about on his feet for 2 chock-a-block days.


Consistently absorbed in the programme, he was always complimented for his high-energy engagement as chair, and has over the years built a close rapport with delegates, adding value and ensuring meaning to their presence. 


Many of us know that it takes a purpose-driven and passion-fuelled person like Andreas to effectively energize a house-full forum for over a decade; and with no exceptions.


And in no small measure, my hearty congrats to Andreas for sparing his time to coach and mentor future professionals and leaders in prominent Universities.



Chief Learning Officer


Ganesh Muren

Having Andreas with me is like a good balance between coaching a mentoring. He provided a space that is safe and encouraging, while at the same time engaging me in thought provoking conversations.


He is always value-centric and at the same time pragmatic in approach.


In the past 4 years, I have made sound decisions that I am proud of and stand by strongly, pulled myself up after falling, built a steadily expanding business and achieved growth in many many ways.


Andreas enabled me to see my potential and was the catalyst that helped realize those possibilities.


He is a gem!


Ganesh Muren

CEO, Saora Indutsries

Caryn Law.jpg

Caryn Law

Knowing Mr Andreas is one of the best things in my life! He has broaden my eyesight in marketing field and guided me to find out my strengths and passion while I was in my university. Thank you for being my mentor, you are more than a coach that I could ever asked for!

Caryn Law.jpg

Caryn Law

Founder & Former owner of One2Juice 

peter tham2.jpg

Peter Tham

I have known Andreas for about 10 years professionally initially and now a great friend.


As an entrepreneur, I face many challenges of which the most intractable one is building a culture. This is probably the most important and critical factor to building a successful and sustainable business organization.


And probably the most difficult as it requires time, perseverance and commitment, not to mention some deep soul-searching on my part.


There is where I found Andreas to be particularly instrumental in guiding my team and I on the process of identifying the elements of building and nurturing a culture that reflects our vision, mission and core values that will guide us there.


He conducted workshops and followed up with regular meetings to ensure we are on the right track.


He is instrumental in helping us embark on this journey and we are very grateful for his guidance. He interacts well with everyone and shows great leadership in moderating the workshops.


I would recommend him anytime.

peter tham.jpg

Peter Tham

Managing Director

Medklinn Group of Companies

Nadiah - TMC_1.jpg

Nadiah Wan

Andreas is a wonderful trainer. I highly recommend him for a few key reasons: Preparation, Dynamism and Pragmatism.


We had to equip our senior management team with the right tools to communicate effectively to different stakeholders, especially in managing upwards. During the training, materials were prepared so we could focus on listening rather than writing. The logistics and the timing were very smooth.


Andreas allowed time to have critical conversations & discussions around the actual stakeholders we deal with & the real-world issues we face, while tying it back to the principles he was teaching. This dynamism and ability to go with the flow was important to ensure that the training was personalised to the situations we faced at work.


Andreas was also pragmatic in emphasizing the need to practice the skills learnt. There was in-depth one-to one feedback and coaching to participants. As a result, even over a short 2-day period, there was vast improvement in the ability of many participants to speak extemporaneously in public.

Nadiah - TMC_1.jpg

Nadiah Wan

Group CEO

TMC Life Sciences Bhd


Freda Liu

Andreas is a marketing maven and has been such a part of the ecosystem in the advertising industry.  


He has the ability to understand the business world with deep insights in his writing and speaking over the years.  To me personally, it is Andrea's flair to CONNECT and empathize on a personal level with individuals as well as teams no matter the hierarchy.  


He is able to provide a bigger picture and yet be detailed in providing the right directions & strategies for organizations and individuals alike. 


Freda Liu

Content Creator, Emcee, 

Moderator, Author, Speaker


Dr Michael Heah

For many years now  I refuse to let Andreas go as the emcee at our annual coach convocation for without him, this greatest coaching event will go missing without his presence. 


His style and approach to emceeing change the game on how professional emceeing should be done.  There’s not only the usual announcements not the jokes but the high intellect he puts in it. When Andreas combines or rather concocts them, the impact is simply super great that everyone remembers it for a long time to come. 


This is about Andreas’ high sense of responsibility in meticulous planning that he puts into every gig  we hold.   It speaks a lot  of  a man of extraordinaire talents and skills that he puts into everything he does. Such is the man!


Dr Michale Heah

ICF Master Certified Coach

CEO, Corporate Coach Academy

Chairman, Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches

George A.jpg

George Aveling

There is a well-known Harvard Business Review article, with the title, “Why Would Anyone Want to be Led by You?” There are lots of reasons why those who have worked with Andreas would want to be led by him.

First and foremost, he is authentic – a real, human leader who puts his people first.

I have known Andreas for many years. He has not wavered once from walking his talk, from living his positive, engaging, inspiring brand.  Andreas is a people-focused leader. In good times and challenging times, his people are his number one concern.


He leads through influence, rather than through position.  Andreas is an energiser. I feel energised every time I am contact with him, whether in person, by phone and even by text message!  And this is how the people on his team feel.

Andreas builds organisations. This is achieved through leadership, building culture, building people, innovation and a focus on growing the business.

I have been privileged to meet a number of outstanding leaders during my career. Andreas Vogiatzakis is definitely one of them.

So, would I want to be led by Andreas? The answer is a resounding yes!

George_ Aveling.jpg

George Aveling


Chief Re-Imagineer, Elementrix


Sheow Vern Chan

Andreas, or better known as AV, has been a great listener since the first day I know him. He always makes you feel super comfortable in sharing your ups and downs, hopes and stumbling blocks, openly without any judgement. He’s generous with his time for everyone is trying to have a piece of him, whether it’s setting up a media agency from scratch to spending time with future leaders at universities, and being a great friend to many, on top of his role as a family man.


With his upbringing stories to helming top leadership positions of various agencies across the continents, Andreas is full of experience and wisdom in every situation. He has a clear mind and works towards his priorities and goals in life, and coaching the willing bunch is passionately part of his journey.


The pure kindness of being there when you need him is something one can’t ask for more. His authenticity is second to none and you’ll be re-energised after every interaction. While we’re based in different countries right now, the gap has been well compensated by technology and you always feel he is supporting every move you make towards your own destiny.


Sheow Vern Chan

Managing Director - Research, Cataliize


Ardavan Hemmatpour

Every individual needs a mentor in his life outside of the bubble of one’s family, and I consider myself lucky to have found one.


9 years ago I had the privilege of meeting Andreas when he came to give a talk in my college (IACT).  As a confused teenager not knowing what to do with my life, I needed some directions. Andreas provided me with that without asking for anything in return. 

His extreme kindness and generosity is unparalleled as i would meet with him frequently to discuss about my personal and professional life, and where i want or should take it.


His honesty and sincerity have always been evident to me and it's why i value his guidance greatly to this day 9 years later.


Ardavan Hemmatpour

UX Designer


Melvin Tan

During my university industrial program back in 2013, we were given opportunity to select a mentor/coach to further our personal development.


I was fortunate to have Andreas as my personal coach.  As CEO of his organization, Andreas always made time for our coaching sessions and he had been extremely helpful in harnessing my talent. 


He is instrumental in creating mindset shift and instilling self-confidence.


Each session brought stronger clarity to me using his (PDA) principles of Passion, Discipline, and Action.


In the last 6 years, it has shaped me well both personally and professionally by leap and bounds.


Beyond a coach relationship, I am grateful to have him as a friend.


Melvin Tan

Enterprise Lead

Viventis Search Asia

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