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NLP Certified Executive Coach, TEDx Speaker

Award-winning Marketing Maverick,

Entrepreneur, Writer, Mentor, Emcee,

Top 100 most Inspirational LinkedIn Icons

A catalyst for positive change, Andreas was the recent Group CEO of Star Media Group Malaysia, the first ever non-Malaysian CEO appointed at the helm of the most influential Media Group in the country, tasked to drive its digital transformation and lay down the foundation for its future success.


A TEDx speaker, a writer, a trainer, a mentor, an Emcee, an NLP Certified High-Performance Executive Coach and among the top 100 most Inspirational LinkedIn Icons, Andreas is a multi-talented, multi-experienced award-winning marketing maverick and a highly sought-after speaker.  He defines his purpose in adding value and becoming a catalyst for positive change and greater things to come.


Born and raised in rural Crete in Greece, Andreas fell in love with advertising when he was 21.  At the dismay of his family, he quit the prestigious Mathematics University of Athens to pursue his passion for advertising at the University of Florida.  After graduating with High Honors and a straight 4.0, he kick-started his career at DMB&B in New York and forged ever since a life journey across the world.


From New York he returned to Greece to fulfil his mandatory national army service, after which he worked as an Ad Sales Manager for Lambrakis Press Group, and later as a Media Supervisor for J Walter Thomson’s international clients in Greece & Cyprus. 


In 1997 he set sail to Asia to launch, structure and run MediaVest in Japan. Successfully doing so and after a short stint with Wieden & Kennedy in Tokyo, he joined Publicis to merge MediaVest & Starcom (SMG), in partnership with Dentsu.  In a short time, and after going through an incredible array of changes, M&As and agency collaborations, he successfully transformed SMG into a top tier international media agency in Japan. 


Enjoying the challenges of “building”, he later moved to Taipei at the helm of the Mindshare Group, restructuring and cementing it to be the undisputed #1 media force in Taiwan.  Navigating the group through the unprecedented tough times of SARS and after doubling the groups revenue, he launched GroupM for WPP in Taiwan before moving to Malaysia.


Making Malaysia his home since 2006, he spent 10 years as the CEO of Omnicom Media Group Malaysia (OMG). A firm believer in curating strategic partnerships and turning clients into enthusiastic referral sources, he re-engineered OMG into an award-winning formidable force that has received the highest awards and accolades, including an unprecedented double gold award for OMD & PHD in 2012 at Campaign’s Agency of the Year Awards, the highest coveted regional award of the Asian ad-industry.  In his 10-year tenure at OMG, he tripled the group’s EBIT, doubled its profit, and achieved a 98% client retention rate, the highest ever rate in the market at the time.


After ten years of unparalleled success and driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and the challenges of “building”, he assumed the role of CEO for Havas Media Group Malaysia in August 2016, tasked to build from scratch and run the media operations for the Havas/Vivendi network.


Within just 1 year in the making, he moved Havas Media Group from zero to hero, putting it among the Top 10 media agencies in Malaysia, and won the most prestigious industry accolade, Campaign’s GOLD Agency of the Year Award in 2017, leaving the established media agencies behind!  Andreas himself was shortlisted as the runner-up for the Media Agency Head of the Year Award for South East Asia for the second time.


Within 3 years, Havas Media Malaysia grew from a zero base to a formidable industry force with annualized billings multiplied by a staggering 400% vs the first year, while its revenues skyrocketed by an incredible 727% and the company broke even 2 years ahead of time!


In August 2019, Andreas was appointed as the Group CEO of Star Media Group, tasked to drive the group's digital transformation into greater heights. In his short time with the group, Andreas tirelessly put in place all the necessary strategic steps and improved group financials, created new revenue streams, restructured all business units, revamped the UX/UI of all products, drove innovation, restructured & revamped the group’s vendor network, improved the group’s management systems and controls and substantially increased the company’s morale and standing in the market. Most importantly, Andreas steered the group successfully through the COVID-19 period, despite the challenge of running a printing plant operation and a traditional newspaper business that required physical interaction of employees. BCPs for all BUs were created and implemented successfully.


In August 2020, Andreas incorporated & launched his own company AMVPLUS ADVISORY, specializing in Coaching, Training and Consulting in critical areas such as People Development & Business Growth, Purpose Creation & Leadership, Organizational Structure & Transformation, Vision/Mission & Culture Creation, Corporate Strategy & Brand Building.


A true internationalist and an experienced prolific speaker & panelist, Andreas has conducted more than 300 high-powered training sessions and speeches for the industry, many local and multinational clients as well as all the top tier Universities.  He has served on several industry boards, as President of Media Specialist Association (MSA), Treasurer of Malaysian Digital Association (MDA), in the Board of Directors of the European Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia (EUMCCI), as a judge in numerous award juries in Asia and as the de facto Chairman & Emcee of BFM’s Brandfest, the most influential annual Malaysian Marketing Conference.


He has served in several University Industry Advisory Boards and was an industry advisor for Asia Pacific Media Forum (APMF), the Digital Summit Asia, Campaign’s Media 360 and Ad:tech ASEAN.


With a passion for high performance coaching, he coaches and mentors several University graduates as well as established professionals, empowering them to map their life & professional journeys and find their own passion for innovation, excellence & purpose.


As a High-Performance NLP Certified Executive Coach, Andreas has worked with & guided many companies to empower their people, to design & implement their Vision, Mission & Purpose (the who/what/why) and to achieve substantial business growth & success.


Andreas was inducted in the YPO Malaysian Chapter in 2008, the International Who’s Who of Professionals in 2009, and is the recipient of the Achievers & Leaders Award in 2012 and the Global Brand Leadership Award in 2014. He was selected as one the 100 most influential Digital Leaders in APAC in 2017 and was appointed as an Industry Adjunct Faculty Member of INTI University & Colleges in the same year. In 2020 he was selected among the 100 most Inspirational LinkedIn Icons.